Frequently asked questions

Are the ingredients of your products natural and suitable for all skin types?

Our products contain all-natural ingredients that are carefully chosen to be safe and compatible with all skin types.

Which of your products are considered cosmetic, and are there any exceptions?

The majority of our products fall under the cosmetic category. However, we offer specialized solutions such as the Eyebrow, Eyelash, and Nail serum, which serve specific purposes beyond traditional cosmetics.

What are your recommendations for skin moisturizing?

Oils, body lotion, and scrubs are highly recommended because they provide not only moisture but also incorporate vitamins and antioxidants, effectively soothing and nourishing the skin.

Do you sell at physical locations?

Cairo (1): Simply Nails, Cairo Festival City, New Cairo

Cairo (2): Simply Nails, Galleria 40, Sheikh Zayed

Tanta (1): Tinkerbell, شارع ممتاز غرابه من حسان بن ثابت

Tanta (2): Tinkerbell, شارع حسان بن ثابت مع المعتصم

Tanta (3): Glitter, شارع النادي

Al Mansoura: Tinkerbell, المشايه السفليه امام نادي جزيرة الورد

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